Slip & Slide


Players: 1-2
Time: 10-20 minutes


  1. Divide the tiles into 2 groups of 3 full creatures.

  2. For 1 player mode pick 1 group. For 2 player mode, both players get a group.

  3. Shuffle the tiles and place them face and top-up in a 3x3 grid. All tiles touching their neighboring tiles.

  4. Flip tokens face-down, shuffle, and put to the side.

  5. Draw a token.

  6. Push 1 of your tiles in the arrow’s direction, sliding adjacent tile(s) as well.

  7. Players may push middle tiles, but each push must slide 2 or 3 tiles.

  8. Pick up the tile that was pushed outside of the 3x3 grid and place it in the empty spot on the grid.

  9. Draw a new token & repeat.

  10. If all 12 tokens are used, flip them over and shuffle them again.

  11. The game is over when the grid includes all 3 full creatures in proper order (heads on top, feet on bottom).

  12. For 1 player mode, the player tries to finish in as few turns as possible.

  13. For 2 player mode, the player to finish first wins.

Micah Heiselt