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Out of Sorts

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Out of Sorts is Different.

Most games are designed with one set of rules, for one type of player. Out of sorts is different. Like a deck of cards or a set of dominoes, it’s a system that is both simple and extremely versatile.

We designed it to encourage and develop creativity, imagination, and strategy for kids and adults alike. Give the tiles it to a 2-year old and watch them explore and learn. Set up a game between a teen and adult, and it's challenging enough for both.


The Beauty of Lasers

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“Cejac is the child of lumberjacks, but considers himself the black sheep of the family. Still, he's not above trading in his wheel for a chainsaw and helping out with the after dinner chores.”

There can be only one Master of Silly!
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A Game for Everyone

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From a Little Apartment in Brooklyn

Out of Sorts started with a simple idea shared between the two adults and 4 kids that reside in our tiny home. The idea was to create a set of blocks that could be rolled and stacked to create funny creatures.

However, over time the blocks became tiles. And the tiles got themselves some cute, little token siblings. And the tiles and tokens scored a sweet stackable box. And the whole thing got lasered! With a real laser!

And now, instead of just rolling and stacking, Out of Sorts is a full on game! But not just a game. It's a system for playing all sorts of games – from basic (but surprisingly challenging) 3-tile Memory, to the story-building Master of Silly. Out of Sorts is hours of creativity and joy, whether you be 2 or 92.