Master of Silly


Players: 3-6
Time: 10-30 minutes


  1. Decide as a group how many rounds you will play. We recommend 3-6.

  2. Start each round by giving each player a voting token and dividing the tiles into 3 groups: heads, bodies & feet.

  3. Flip the tiles face-down, shuffle, and deal 1 from each group to every player.

  4. Players look at their tiles secretly and come up with a description or story for their creation. This can include a silly name, their job, what they like to eat, etc. Players do not need to use all tiles and can assemble them however they want. The more creative and silly, the better.

  5. Once all are ready, in turn, each player shows their creation and tells their story.

  6. After all have presented, each player rewards their voting token to another player who they think was the silliest for that round.

  7. Play all rounds. Whoever has the most tokens at the end is the silliest winner!

Note: If the game runs out of tokens just use coins, spoons, books, toy cars, or whatever.

Micah Heiselt